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Gambling refers to gambling deeds of people taking objective reality relating to soccer, tennis, basketball, and soccer. By law, due to facts relevant to winning or losing the game as a means of assessing the constituent elements in conformity with the requirements of gambling, it is possible to identify gambling is a new type of gambling.
Gambling, and gambling are the same relationship. Because this is a gambling method, the department will have the right intelligence, and hand over certain strict controls and conditions on gambling. Sports lotteries, there are legal gambling techniques, allowing adults to gamble rationally to match their own teams. Underground gambling and black smashing really are not allowed, but they have long been breeding for a long time. Just because gambling can bring huge profits to dealers, a group of illegal personnel and organizations will levy risks. Not just America and Europe, in Asia, now it’s quite booming and viral for cara daftar maxbet to become the most trusted and legal gambling.


Gambling refers to the act of making a profit by betting on money and goods. This gambling is based on the outcome of the game as a means to lose or win. Therefore, the constituent elements have filled the requirements, to the extent that it can be felt that gambling is a new type of gambling.
Before 1998 gambling was more popular in Southeast Asia, there was no scale of Asian football betting companies, every planet village is a major European game gaming agency, also playing in Europe lost even negative. In 1998 the French World Cup was about the greatest ever, the majority of the time booming gambling soccer patterns in Macau game companies to take advantage of this opportunity, they “let the ball quote water system” Handicap (commonly known as handicap) flexibility Not only has it fully promoted the resurrection underground gambling, but also established the position of Macau game companies in the Asian ball market. In China, “football betting” or “gambling” in addition to football draws is prohibited and illegal.


For lotteries, Asian handicaps have a high reference value for Football Lottery, which is an essential tool for gaming companies to add to forecast accuracy. Therefore, game companies intend to strengthen research on market analysis with some large lottery players. However, a number of terms are splashed in the most colorful market analysis, so I will state the basic knowledge of defects and terminology.
The earth of each village is a large European companies or Macau casino game agents (such as Macao, Great Britain Bwin), their “handicap water system deficiency” Handicap (commonly known as handicap) laden flexibility not merely causes underground revival Awakening.
The game company’s shortcomings are based on the strength of both teams and non-power things. Because game companies have powerful information power and pervasive networking relationships, the information they can learn about games far outweighs the fancy of ordinary lottery people. From here you come to the red thread that the market of bets objectively and objectively illustrates the probability of a match.
Let the ball be called win-win, which can be digested as the winning teams in a given game. If the result is a draw, then the player’s bet amount will be fully reversed, usually known as “walking.”
Let the ball consist of three parts, two teams participating in the game, the number of balls (commonly known as handicap, in the example above, the hemisphere / one ball) and the discount, that is, after the result, gambler’s earnings on the Coefficient win. Here to explain to the players, the Asian game company allows the ball to have two types of stickers in general, one represented by Macau game companies, total weight of top and bottom plate is 1.85, which is different known as Indonesian disks, up and down in number total gilded water is 1.90. At the same time, the discounts are broken down into low water, flat water and high water match the amount of water. In addition, the two teams participating in the competition are often referred to as the top and bottom plates. And let it between the balls become the top plate. If the defect is a tie, the lower is the top plate.
Let the ball plates belong to single tickets and tickets. One ticket refers to the teams that play handicaps in the game, for example: Inter Milan Hemisphere Rome, the number of bettors will bet on the handicap handicap. A set of tickets refers to teams that have two defective players in the game, like a lightning strike, a hemisphere, and a ball, Juventus. Then, the bettor number will be split into two equal elements, that is, half of the bet is placed on the handicap of the thunderball and the other half bet on┬áhandicap strikes. In addition, besides the balls, Asian bets also have so many gambling projects, such as: bile waves (guess scores), players unity in the game, the number of goals and so on. Since the different projects do not have a practical reference value for the lottery prediction game, there is no introduction to be created here. Knowing what is handicap, water, and knowing two ball formats, let’s look at algorithms to ignore the win or lose balls.

Win or lose calculations

Inter Milan 0.95 Rome hemisphere 0.9, does not care about the win or lose balls based on match results combined with the number of balls. Suppose you bet on Inter Milan, because Inter Milan created Roma half the ball, if Inter Milan win in 90 minutes, then no matter what his goal difference, he won. If our bet amount is 1,000 yuan, then the victory is: 1000 0.95 = 950. If the result is a draw or a winning Roman team, then the bet on the plate is lost.
Reggina 0.975 Hemisphere / Juventus ball 0.875, assuming that the Juventus footwall bet amount is 1,000 yuan, because the Handicap is a package, to the extent that the matching level of our stock is split into two parts, which 500 yuan bets Ray hits 0.975 cleavage Juventus 0.875 on the handicap. If the match wins for a lightning strike, no matter how little the goal difference, half of the bets placed on the Hemisphere handicap will be lost. The other half of the bet amount on one handicap is due to the goal difference condition. First of all, if the goal difference is the ball, then the result of a combined handicap is a tie (ie, a step), and the entire principal is returned. If the goal difference is two or more, then the top plate wins and the bet is lost.

Calculation of Odds

The so-called odds football gameplay is especially found in Europe, not infrequently called the European market in the market, this game has only the opposite chance for the game, the European Disk is more familiar especially by William. Seoul, INTERWETIEN Ladbrokes and three internationals, like the challenge of the B game of the away team, William Sylvester opens the result as a flat Odds: VS teams for the BB team winning the teams calculated teams live location to play both sides 3.6 teams Lost location lost 1, 90 levels of 3.10, that is, the lowest odds of injection of team victory, and the maximum injection of odds of losing teams, is 3.6 times, indicating that it could make the most out of the teams hosting the optimistic location of the B team losing, trailed by a draw, not optimistic about the victory of team B, surely this is based on being able to develop both objective power and situations (including location and residence and staff elements), but it needs to be copied that, if participating in a game game When someone reduce the situation one side, it could be dealers can be adjusted.
The opportunity analysis is very urgent to guess the outcome of a football game, especially for football matches. Since Football Lottery has stepped on our lives, more and more players are starting to care about the game parameters designed by foreigners. We have been working on contacts with not a few lottery players who have won the first prize of the Football Lottery. From analyzing the information they returned, chances are the weather vane for Football Lottery prediction.


By way of example, we do not always understand markets and discounts, but more importantly, we have a clear understanding of the profitability and profitability of all betting makers. First of all, the handicap plays a role in balancing victory and losing the market, while also balancing the number of bets placed on the market. Secondly, careful lotteries should be aware that the amount of discounts on the upper and lower plates in our example is 1.85 not 2. The difference here is the profit of all bets.
We can see from two points, game companies create the traditional sense is basically different. They set up the rules of the game, provide so many customer services, and charge certain commissions. To find stable and objective returns, all the dealers have to do everything they can to balance the bets in the market. The easiest way to do this is to open a market that has the same chance of winning or losing. Therefore, defects and discounts have an invaluable value for our lottery prediction game.


And the difference between games: corporate games in the traditional sense with bets is basically the difference between gameplay companies that are not directly spilled in gambling, their game rules, providing so many customer services, and commission fees.

Gambling case

In July 2014, the national public safety agency strongly cracked down on illegal gambling activities, detected a number of major gambling issues, and picked up 108 suspects, involving more than 18 billion yuan.
On June 29, 2018, Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, Nanshan, informed that the local police recently discovered a large-scale online gambling problem and criminally supported seven suspects. the amount involved in this problem amounts to 100 million yuan.Legal punishmentThis refers to the act of winning or losing with money and goods. This gambling is based on the outcome of a soccer game as a means of winning or losing. Because the constituent elements have filled the requirements of gambling, it can be felt that gambling is a new type of gambling. Roads. A gambling is a gambling act, so it should be treated as gambling. The first paragraph of Article 32 of the Regulations on Administrative Punishment from the Chinese Public Security Regulations stipulates that gambling or conditions for gambling will be held for less than 15 days, fined at a cost of 3,000 yuan or in accordance with the rules. This is only sanctioned for those involved in gambling, but if it is a gambling organizer, it will be severely punished by law. Article 303 of Chinese Criminal Law, for the purpose of generating profits, collecting gambling, opening casinos or using gambling as an industry, and sentenced to no more than three years imprisonment, criminal detention or control, and fines.


Gattuso: For The Champions League Team To Have To Gamble, Unfortunately Failed To Narrow The Points Difference


On the morning of April 9th, the Beijing period, 31st round Serie A, AC Milan 1-1 Sassuolo, regret did not manage to narrow the difference with the top four in the standings to 6 points, but “only” narrowed to 8 Points . After the game, head coach Gattuso, who has just modernized his contract with AC Milan, said of his opinion.

“I think there is no problem with the option of a single striker or a double striker.We have created few chances in the first and second round We have completed a total of 20 shots.What we weakness may be is determination to win the game. Gattuso said for Mediaset Premium, “We’ve been left behind, and can even be said to have scored 1 point in the end, we might say that because of fatigue, but actually it is because we are too slow in frontcourt.”

In the second half, Gattuso replaces Abat with Andre Silva and goes home to 3-guards, a substitute that does not have much of this radical controversy. In this matter, Gattuso explains: “We tried the 3-3-4 arrangement.For going into the Champions League, you have to gamble.This formation does not seem to be orderly, nor my darling, but with that technique.We must fight under these conditions . ”

“I’m trying to use Susuo’s creativity on the sidewalk, but in the end it’s a mess or an over-run on improvisation It’s my responsibility, we do not have any offensive subjects in this training, but we have to do some gambling.”

“Coutro has a special quality, he can run to neutral, can open defense, can also control the ball We tried a number of offensive positions, and finished in other matches, but today the match But failed to break the opponent’s defense, you know that the striker game depending on the goal, but failed to find a technique to break down the door – we completed 20 shots, there was a shot We created a number of chances There were also a few open five or five balls but after four or five months of intense competition, normal on their feet. ”

“Of course, the urgent ones are certainly not shabu-shabu, and we have no place, I think we missed the chances of hunting points today and missed a better chance of getting closer to the Champions League.”

In this game, Romanioli was replaced by injury only in 5 minutes. Bonucci’s yellow card made him miss the next round game with Napoli. In this matter, Gattuso said: “We have other guards We have Zapata and Moussakio There are different treatments in different conditions.